Is your ability to be innovative hindered by doubt and uncertainty?

doubt and uncertainty

The true impediment we face as humans is the spirit of doubt and uncertainty.

We live in an age of what IFs. “What if I fail to achieve this?” What if I don’t succeed? What if you do not fail should be the question. What if you have the ability? Because no one can predict the future, we must entrust it to the one who does.

Identify your doubts and uncertainties as you read this and decide whether they are worth putting in that category. Join me on this journey!

Where did these doubts come from? Some of the most common reasons for people’s doubts are as follows:

  • Comparisons With Others
  • Fear of Failure / Fear of Success
  • New Challenges
  • Past Experience and Mistakes
  • Childhood Upbringing

These are just a few of the reasons why people are skeptical. I believe anyone reading this falls into one of these categories.

We need inspiration because we require it in our lives. Once someone has done it, it clears the way for you to follow in their footsteps while making it better. The negative aspect arises when people begin to compare themselves to one another. “The sky is big enough for us all to fly,” as they say.

Only you are capable of doing what you are good at. This brings us back to the subject of passion. When you’re doing something you’re passionate about, the only room for improvement is for growth, not for self-doubt.

This is not another motivational speech where you get bamboozled. Yes, the fears and doubts will cripple in, it’s only human, but you have a choice : deal with them or allow them to manifest.

Simple steps to overcoming uncertainty and doubt

Our mind is the most powerful tool because it is the source of all human innovation. Every innovation originates in the mind. As entrepreneurs and innovators, we will face many roadblocks, including doubts, but can we view them as hurdles to overcome? We may not completely overcome them, but we will definitely reach a point where we are no longer afraid.

You can’t win as an innovator unless you have complete faith in your own abilities,  as well as your solution and business model. There is also a tendency to be overconfident, but ideas are frequently sabotaged by uncertainty and self-doubt.

Every small step or success must be celebrated with joy and zeal. This drowns out all of your fears. When things get tough, remember to be kind to yourself.

Overcoming doubts may be an unending journey. Consider whether your ideas are attainable. When making decisions, turn off your analytical mind and be very rational. You’ll be able to trust what you’re bringing into existence.

Finally, learn more and put it to use.

Discover your strengths and use them consistently. Trying to improve everything at the same time may not be ideal. You’re either an idea person or a business builder, or both. Find what you’re good at and build upon it.

Surround yourself with people whose strength are your weaknesses.

Never let yourself be concerned about mistakes you have made or may make in the future. Instead, celebrate all of your accomplishments and positive moments along the way.

Get motivated because, at the end of the day, you are your own biggest critic.