Exploring Copenhagen: A Journey of Culture shock and Exchange

exploring copenhagen

On May 14th 2024, I journeyed from the land of gold, Ghana to the vibrant city of Copenhagen to visit our partners at SDG World and explore Denmark. You might be wondering who I am. My name is Gloria Bribi, Hub Manager at InspiNest. Join me as I take you on a week-long adventure through Copenhagen.

As a first-time traveler to another country, I had no expectations because I prefer to experience things firsthand, knowing that social media doesn’t always reflect reality. While TikTok had already piqued my interest in Danish pastries, nothing could have prepared me for everything I encountered.

Unveiling Copenhagen’s Diverse Attractions

If you’re active on social media, you’re likely familiar with Copenhagen’s top tourist destination: Nyhavn. Its vibrant, colorful buildings are impossible to miss, each steeped in history as former storage facilities and resting spots for sailors returning from sea. Beyond the picturesque view, there is more.

Nyhavn offers clear vistas of the lake channels. Don’t pass up the chance to embark on a boat ride, granting you a comprehensive tour of the city’s stunning landmarks.


Denmark’s architectural landscape significantly enhances the city’s allure. The design and placement of buildings create a sense of belonging. During my visit, I marveled at the Opera House, the exquisite Church of Our Saviour, the Danish Royal Theater, and, of course, the iconic yet somewhat overhyped Little Mermaid Statue.

Thanks to special privileges, I had the opportunity to visit DR Radio. While it may not be a typical tourist site, it was undoubtedly the highlight of my trip. DR Radio is a Danish publicly owned media house that broadcasts television, radio, and special programs to its audience. With Mikkel as a tour guide, we were able to explore this historical place.

During our visit, Mikkel who works at DR RADIO mentioned that working there for so long can sometimes make you forget just how vast and amazing the place is. And indeed, I was astounded by what I saw. We toured the newsroom and studios, including the storage facilities where they meticulously keep items from centuries past. Witnessing the recreation of a studio for an old Danish show was particularly fascinating. We also explored the orchestra studio, and I found myself amazed by its grandeur and beauty. I even heard that Ed Sheeran once performed here.

exploring copenhagen

Another must stop is Copenhagen ZOO. Here, I saw a polar bear, seagulls, flamingos, raccoons, and a plethora of other fascinating creatures for the first time. Divided into five distinct areas—The North, Asia, Kids Zoo, The Savannah, and the World Square—the zoo offers a diverse array of animals, each thriving in their respective zones. As a Ghanaian, this raised many questions for me about whether our zoos can be sustained and flourish in a similar way.


Do not leave Copenhagen without visiting Tivoli Gardens. This recreational park is a must-see. If you’re ready to bring out your inner child and conquer a bit of fear, you should try some of the rides and roller coasters. For the older visitors, Tivoli Gardens offers a beautiful garden area where you can sit and relax. But for us young spirits, the many rides in the park provide a much-needed boost of adrenaline. You can also enjoy a variety of meals at the Tivoli Food Hall.


Cultural Exchange and Adventure

From the airport to the metro stations, the trains, recreational areas, and the supermarkets, the convenience of everything was strikingly evident. The roads were excellent; I even joked about Ghanaians’ creative approach to traffic lights. Back home, we move when no cars are in sight, but in Denmark, everyone strictly follows the traffic signals. They even have sensors to help visually impaired people know when to cross.

As Ghanaians, we love our food spicy, so be prepared for milder flavors when you travel. Another cultural shock for me was how people show affection. In many places, men hug and kiss their male friends on the cheek, which is quite different from what we’re used to. Ghanaian men often struggle with showing affection, but as a hopeless romantic, I believe we should let our guard down and embrace showing more affection.

However, Ghanaians thrive in hospitality and friendliness, often surpassing the Danish. In Ghana, people eagerly strike up conversations, especially with foreigners, making you feel welcomed and at home. The warmth and openness of Ghanaians create a lively social atmosphere that contrasts with the more reserved nature of Danish interactions. Whether you’re in a bustling market or a quiet village, the eagerness of Ghanaians to connect with visitors is a delightful and heartwarming experience.

In Copenhagen, biking is a way of life. It’s incredibly easy to join in, whether you own a bike or take advantage of the numerous bike rental options available throughout the city.


“Tak” is how you say thank you in Danish, so a big tak to Frededensborg Skole for this initiative. We often see Ghanaians imitating cultures from different countries, such as Halloween, Black Friday, and fashion styles, but it’s rare to see non-Ghanaians imitating Ghanaian culture. Witnessing this was quite intriguing. The 8th graders at the school, due to their partnership with Nana Badu SHS, decided to live like Ghanaian students for a day. They dubbed the entire day GHANA DAY, immersing themselves in life as Ghanaian students. They enjoyed our special West African meals, particularly jollof rice, and even learned a bit of Ghanaian dance.. I’ll forever cherish these moments spent with them.

ghana day
exploring copenhagen
exploring copenhagen
exploring copenhagen

The trip provided invaluable insights into the beauty and promise of well-maintained recreational spaces, as well as the power of cultural interaction. Visiting Tivoli Gardens demonstrated the necessity of developing engaging and diverse experiences for all ages, blending relaxation with thrilling activity. Watching Danish students embrace Ghanaian culture at Fredensborg Skole highlighted how cultural exchange fosters better understanding across diverse communities. If you ever have the chance to visit Denmark, make the most of your trip by exploring neighboring Schengen countries like Norway and Sweden. With a Schengen visa, you’re free to travel between these countries, making your journey even more enriching.