Advocacy meeting to boost entrepreneurial and innovative culture

advocacy meeting

InspiNest as part of its project to train young females in entrepreneurship and innovation held its maiden advocacy meeting.

This is in line with boosting the entrepreneurial and innovation culture among young girls in the Bono region. 

The project; “Bono Changemakers”, seeks to train 2000 and more girls in entrepreneurship with an emphasis on change of mindsets.

The advocacy meeting forms part of the organization’s efforts to bring stakeholders, NGOs, and entrepreneurs who are concerned with entrepreneurship and how it is viewed in the Bono region, to come together to discuss relevant issues and provide solutions, favorable to the girl child. 


The event headline under the theme “identifying the challenges and opportunities for growth: the reality on the ground” had in attendance ActionAid, SmAid International, Camfed Ghana, WanHive Ghana, Glomef, Fiapre Youth Association, IWEN, ADAF Ghana as well as Entrepreneurs from the region.

Some of the challenges raised which were crucial were the mindset of young people, the educational system, public policy, access to information, and many others but the key factor was the mindsets of young people.

An entrepreneur in the region Miss Nana Ama Asiedu stressed the need for these young girls to be educated to gain a different perspective on entrepreneurship. In order to do this, there should be a collective effort to seek mindset change.

“It all starts with the mind, young children must be given the platform to excel. If we want to champion entrepreneurship, we have to start from the basic level in order to do away with in-built mentalities regarding entrepreneurship”


The co-founder of InspiNest, Mr. Felix Dumong noted that the Bono region operated differently as compared to other urban places.

“ The more people we have thinking about change, the better for the region. Girls at young ages should be made to see that they can achieve more, inculcate in them the need for change at an early age, then the reality of unemployment which we face in the country will be minimized”

advocacy meeting


Discussions and suggestions held during the meeting are to be presented to policymakers.

A policy dialogue meeting will be held to deliberate on how best policies can be formed to improve entrepreneurship.

In order for sustainability, the advocacy group meetings will be held occasionally. This is to strengthen collaborations with stakeholders and also ensure ideas are being implemented.

The young female entrepreneurship initiative is in partnership with Civil Connections and SDG WORLD.