Our focus is on the youth; grassroots!

young girls, grassroots

Every institution, people in authority, older figure we meet or engage with more often that not leave us with the statement, “ I wish I had this training when I was younger”.

This rings in your head often because you’ll begin to wonder how things were done. Could it have been better?

Now there’s no room for regret because it’s our aim to assist and help the youth, mostly grassroots because that’s where the focus should be.

What we refer to as grassroots is simply the younger generation. Young children who are still finding their feet in the world. Junior high and senior high school students who have not yet been exposed to the hardship of the job market or even the world at large.

Why are we focusing on the female youth?

We still live in a very male dominant world where there are limited opportunities for young females. It may seem far-fetched because mindsets are changing and there’s a fight for gender equality but at the grassroots, there is still a long way to go.

Most young people often have the ” I cant mentality” in this part of our country. Before they even try, there is less motivation to pursue their goals. Being at a young age gives the advantage to try, make mistakes but then you get better throughout the process.

Young people should be given the room to feel that their dreams are valid and achievable.

The creative gap asserts that young children tend to be more creative and innovative as compared to adults. Its just like every growth process, each stage of your life presents you with things you can do. Young children are free to explore, make mistakes and harness their creative ability to the best of their abilities.

There is usually no limit to how innovative they can be. This is why we focus on them, to guide them to be the best versions of themselves at their young age so as they grow, there is something tangible to rely upon.

Extracts from changemaker training of the youth; grassroots

During our training, we had a 10 year old girl from Bishop Owusu Girls JHS. She happened to be the youngest yet one of the brilliant changemakers. You will ask why the youth? This is why.

These young ones tend to be very open, vocal, innovative and passionate about their ideas.

Using Michelle as an example, we were so motivated and proud of how she fit in with her peers who were much older, and be creative in her own way.

 If we can get thousands of young children to champion this course, imagine the future we will be creating for them. A future that enables them to follow what they are passionate about. Then we’re bringing up young adults who thrive for more which reflects in everything they do.

To sum it all up, we will like to see the youth identify and take ownership of anything they create. There is a sense of responsibility when one feels involved in a task. They should take ownership of their creative journey and be the best version of themselves.

Michelle and our project manager