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Bono Changemakers Project

Read the latest blog about or Bono Changemakers project conducted in collaboration with Civil Connections and SDG World, involving 5 girls only high schools in the Bono region of Ghana.

inspinest notre dame

Notre Dame Girls shall bring change!

This blog was written by Theresah Frimpong. A member of the InspiNest entrepreneurship hub at Notre Dame Girls Senior High School.  Creativity is intelligence having […]

Join us in visiting our Changemakers

To say it’s a joy to see our changemakers every day would be an understatement. Words cannot express that moment because you play an active […]

bono policy dialogue

Policy Dialogue – charting Bono region’s entrepreneurial framework

InspiNest has held its first policy dialogue meeting in order to strengthen the region’s entrepreneurial culture as part of the project Bono Changemakers targeting young […]

advocacy meeting

Advocacy meeting to boost entrepreneurial and innovative culture

InspiNest as part of its project to train young females in entrepreneurship and innovation held its maiden advocacy meeting. This is in line with boosting […]

change mindsets

Discover our secrets to change mindsets

Entrepreneurship and innovation means different things to different people. When people take up entrepreneurship and innovation projects, focus is usually on training people in a […]

InspiNest General Blog

Read the latest blogs about our work and our thoughts on everything about entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability, SDG’s etc.

Collaboration over competition!

Is collaboration among organizations/stakeholders necessary? Just as in business, where people choose joint ventures to strengthen and join forces with others in order to maximize […]

less talk, more action

Less talk, more action.

It appears to be a clich√©, and it is said everywhere, but the truth is the truth. Rather than just talking about it, we need […]

inspire nest

Create jobs instead of seeking jobs

Why is entrepreneurship so fascinating? For me, it’s about experiencing the passion of people who want to throw everything they got into an innovative idea […]


Relocating from Accra to Sunyani – alone!

Relocating appears to be a simple task until the time comes to take the plunge. To be clear, I’ve always said in passing that I’d […]


What they don’t tell you about entrepreneurship!

Entrepreneurship is a ruthless battle. Entrepreneurship can have you up at 3 a.m stressing about finding a solution. Idea generation and idea execution are two […]

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